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Featured Item, Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis




Income Tax in St. Louis

Income Tax in St. Louis

Why choose a non-expert when you can be represented by an attorney who is knowledgeable about tax preparation? With the combined knowledge and experience of our lawyers, you can rest assured that your taxes will be prepared accurately. Having a professional familiar with bankruptcy, debt elimination, and tax debt means you have someone with inside knowledge of the IRS on your side. From the simplest to the most complex tax transactions, choose a professional that knows the tax code for all of your income tax preparation.

Benefits of Tax Preparation from an Attorney

The benefits of having a bankruptcy lawyer, who also specializes in tax preparation, far outweigh the option of dealing with a general tax office. Steven C. Bublitz is our tax preparation attorney, and he has spent years studying tax law in relation to bankruptcy. As tax matters change, he remains up to date on the requirements and applies them as necessary to every client's tax return. Choosing tax preparation from our attorney than another professional offers you all of the following benefits:

  • Avoiding Expensive Tax Penalties
  • Avoiding Legal Ramifications of Improper Filing
  • Learning the Effect of Pending Bankruptcy on Taxes
  • Assisting with Settlement of Back Taxes
  • Communicating with the IRS if Needed
  • Thorough Filing Completed with Attention to Every Detail
  • Fast Filing Service Which Gets Your Tax Refund to You Faster
  • Responding to Tax Filing Reminder Notices
Taxes, Income Tax in St. Louis MO

Recover from Debt with Income Tax Preparation

We offer income tax preparation for clients of all financial backgrounds. If you are in the process of recovering from debt and need a law firm that can help you keep your taxes in line, allow us to handle the process for you. Because we specialize in both tax debt and debt elimination, we are familiar with IRS requirements. When not dealt with properly, a tax debt can lead to garnished wages and relinquishing valuable assets.

It is not too late to take care of your back taxes. Since our attorney has the skill, training, and knowledge about the IRS, be sure you consult with us about avoiding harmful legal action. Comparing previous tax returns to current tax returns, and calculating your precise annual summary is one of our specialties.  

Expedited Tax Services for Faster Refund Access

We guarantee expedited tax preparation services with our electronic filing system. Your tax refund will also be deposited directly into your bank account as soon as it is processed and approved. In the past several years, the IRS has been depositing returns in a short amount of time. We specialize in finding the best solutions for your financial situation.

Tax Services for Individuals and Companies

The best way to avoid tax penalties and future debt constraints is to request guidance from our law firm. We offer you dependable tax services that are designed to accommodate your budget. Our preparation tax services are affordable and reliable.

Due to our specialty in bankruptcy, we can also inform you of how your tax return will be affected by a pending bankruptcy case. No claim is too big or too small for us to handle. Hiring an attorney for your tax services, whether they are individual or corporate, gives you the support of advanced training. We are able to file all of the following for our clients:

  • Individual Tax Returns with Itemized Deductions
  • Individual Tax Returns with Standard Deductions
  • Investment Income Forms
  • Investment Income Forms
  • Corporation Filings
  • Partnership Filings
  • Trust and Estate Filings
  • Tax-Exempt Organization Filings

Why Hire a Tax Preparation Attorney?

While there are several types of certified tax professionals, choosing an attorney gives you the advantage of legal knowledge to support your filings. If it is necessary for you to meet with the IRS, our tax preparation attorney can give you professional representation. You don’t want to work through tax penalties on your own. Our tax preparation attorney carefully explains everything to you before taking an action.

Need assistance from our tax preparation attorney? Contact us today to schedule your first appointment. We offer affordable payment plans and are convenient to clients in St. Louis, St. Louis City, Florissant, Hazelwood, and the surrounding areas.