Featured Item, Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis


Featured Item, Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Louis

Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

The process of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in St. Louis and surrounding areas is quick and efficient with assistance from the professionals at Law Offices of Steven Bublitz. For the past 26 years, we have been offering a cost-effective way out of growing debt for our clients. Eliminate the pressures of today and look forward to a better tomorrow by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

We have all the information you need to become more financially stable and less worried about what the future may hold. Your debt may be uncontrollable, but it shouldn't take over your life. When you decide to file Chapter 7, all of your debt will be erased and you won't have to pay it back. Our Chapter 7 debt elimination services also come with the following benefits:

 Fast and Swift Debt Elimination Process
 Non-exempt Assets Can Be Sold to Pay Off Debt
 Remaining Debt is Discharged

Contact us today to find out more about the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process in St. Louis. You qualify if your disposable income has been less than $6000 for at least 5 years. 


St. Louis, MO: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Whether you are a consumer or business owner in St. Louis MO looking into Chapter 7, our bankruptcy lawyer can offer you reliable debt relief assistance. We have two qualified bankruptcy lawyers at our firm ready to counsel you for your Chapter 7 proceedings. Running a small firm allows us to offer you personalized services in a timely manner. We respond promptly to all requests to ensure your immediate satisfaction. 

Some people may view bankruptcy in a negative light, but for your sake it is a legal method that helps you get back on your feet and resolve your hardships. When you are having a difficult time financially—due to the loss of a job, a complicated divorce or expensive medical bills-our St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer is available to wipe out your outstanding debt.

Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Louis
Court, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Louis

Why Choose Our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a common choice for most of our clients, but you must meet certain requirements before you can be officially approved. At Law Offices of Steven Bublitz, our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in St. Louis perform an income means test to determine if you are eligible for Chapter 7. We also stand out with:

 46 Years of Combined Experience
 Affordable Payment Plans & $100 Start-Up Special
       Knowledgeable Bankruptcy Experts

To discuss your options with our Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, give us a call during office hours Monday through Friday. We are also available on Saturdays for appointments.

Contact us to learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy in St. Louis. We also offer our services to clients from St. Louis City, FlorissantHazelwood, Jennings, Ferguson, Overland, Maryland Heights, 
University City, and Creve Coeur. Including St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St. Charles County, Lincoln County, Warren County and surrounding areas in Eastern Missouri.
Payment plans are available as needed.